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How to Make AGC Blogspot 100% Work



  • Compatible with adsense If previously your blog has been monetized by Google Adsense. Guaranteed Safe.
  • Not suitable for new blogs or will be registered with Google Adsense.
  • The essence of the main AGC itself is the number of articles, but the articles are not necessarily 100 percent UNIQUE.
  • Therefore it will be very difficult to be accepted as a Google Adsense Publisher
  • But not everything is true. sometimes blogs that are AGC results and have just been registered for Google Adsense can also be accepted.
  • The point is Back again the Adsense policy will accept or not your blog.
  • Another solution that I recommend when your blog is not accepted by Google Adsense is Propeller Ads, and Adstera.
  • Another way to earn dollars or income through blogs is to use paid shortlinks or play Safelink.

How to use SEMI AGC BLOGSPOT FULL SCEDULE SCRIPT, that is, starting from

  1. UNIQUE ARTICLES -> which contains tutorials on installing scripts, bringing blog articles, and setting up blogs.
  2. UNIQUE POST TITLE -> which contains video tutorials to make all article titles unique.

With this SEMI AGC Script you no longer need to be tired of typing articles,
however, to bring in a lot of traffic the process is the same as you build a blog with original articles.

But if you want to quickly bring traffic to your blog in a short time,
it is highly recommended that you use ZOMBIE DOMAIN or EXPIRED DOMAIN in building blogs,
because with a zombie domain, your blog will automatically be filled with thousands of backlinks, domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), and pagerank (PA).

To find zombie domains or expired domains, you can use
to check the DA/PA domain can use:
just enter the domain name example: www.reviewdroid.com
to check this domain, what former blog. or this domain was used as a blog, what can be seen with:

do it with these three websites in order to find a domain that is still feasible, avoid it if the domain has a high SS (SpamScore).
besides being prone to deindex storms, it will also be difficult to index. Of course it is very difficult to lower the value of this SpamScore.

although this SpamScore assessment product is not from google, and arguably has no effect. but you have to make sure
so that this zombie domain is not a former blog or gambling website and porn site.

Download File Indonesian Version: How to Make AGC Blogspot 100% Work
Download File English Version: Comming Soon!!

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