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2 “Must Know” Copywriting Secrets that Guarantee Success!

Copywriters often disagree about whether short-selling pieces with lots of blanks are good, or whether long, detailed ones are the way to go. This is a long debate... What type of buyer are you targeting?

Image by John Conde from Pixabay

There are basically two types of buyers.

1. Impulsive buyer

These are the types of people who have a "place to go and an audience" and it doesn't take long to do so. Usually he skimmed titles and subtopics, glanced at photos and captions, and made snapshots. decision.

2. Analytical buyers

This group of buyers believes the evidence is very detailed. They read everything ... including the small print.

A successful copy will certainly meet the needs of both buyers, regardless of length. Let's see what we need to do to reach those two buyers.

How to achieve...

Impulsive buyer

1. Notice that you get a title and a subtitle.

2. Take advantage of graphics that enhance your message...



Various fonts and font sizes


Use bolded titles

Highlight with shaded areas or bullets

Buyer analysis

1. Use the headline, subtitle, and graphic of the impulse buyer as a guide. Add the details that analytics buyer needs under the appropriate headings for a great marketing job that guarantees success.

Internal knowledge of how your potential buyers react is the key to getting their attention ... and additional income. The fact that impulse buying and analytical buying overlap is a bonus for you as a copywriter! 

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