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Automatic Money Machine System

How to Make Money Through the Internet?


Selling Information - A New Profession In The Internet Age

Brother, how would you respond if suddenly I approached you and said, “Hey dude! I know how to make a lot of money!”

Then I said, “... even in abundance, without the need to experience the risks like conventional businesses have”.

Then I added,

“You can run a business by:

- one hour of work a day,

- much less capital,

- without a lot of work assignments,

- without renting a workspace,

- without the need for employees,

- and without facing risks like conventional business,

- profit exceeded 170% in a relatively short time”

Even though I've only mentioned 3 out of the entire list above, chances are you're going to think, “This guy is crazy! Could there be such a business?”

I replied, "Maybe, that is by selling information through the Internet".

“Selling information over the Internet? Are you kidding????” so your response. "Then how?" you asked while still harboring disbelief.

How to?

Good question! That sentence starts our discussion. This is what makes me have to explain at length to you, in order… how we can make money on the Internet by selling information.

Look at the headlines you've ever read on the website BlogAgc.com, the writing is quite surprising, isn't it? I'm glad I managed to bring your fingers to a halt when a different-than-usual sentence caught your eye:

The Hidden Secret Method of Making Money on the Internet Finally Revealed...

Not only that, you are even more silent when the second sentence reads:

If You Can Type and Access the Internet, You Have Sufficient Conditions to Make Abundant Money from the Internet... Only If You Know How!

The headlines you've read in the past have brought you to this e-book. You bought this product out of thirst for information related to the topic. You really want to know how to make money, especially from the Internet.

Finally… we meet again here. I must immediately fulfill the promise I once made to you. Promise to reveal all the secrets that have made me earn up to 10 million rupiah per day!

In the introductory section, it has been told in general how I started this business, marketed it, then came to have income that kept coming without stopping. But I'm sure you don't quite understand. No problem. The talk ahead is only an opening to make you more prepared to accept the many important information that will be discovered after this.

The main theme of our discussion in this e-book is HOW TO SELL INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET. This is a new business opportunity that you can turn into a second profession if you don't want to leave your main job in the conventional world of work.

All right, let's just get on with it. Please move on to the next discussion, you will find out how selling information on the Internet can potentially bring in unlimited profits.

Business Advantages of Selling Information on the Internet

One morning I woke up, I immediately activated the computer, connected to the Internet and I accessed my account at KlikBCA. I looked at the balance… I mumbled, “Hmmm, my balance today is 8 million more than yesterday. Then I clicked on the mutation record link, I noticed… there were several transactions entered into the account during the last 12 hours.

Incidents like this happen almost every day. Back in the days when I first ran a business, things like this were just incredible. But now, experiencing it every day, making it seem like a normal thing, even though deep down in my heart… it's still amazing!

I still want the increasing money just like you, but the difference is… I already understand very well that it turns out to be profitable

making money over the Internet is relatively simple. Very simple because I already know the key!

Frankly, selling information on the Internet has become my main profession for the past few years. The more I get involved in this busyness, the more I feel confident and confident, that the profession of selling information on the Internet will become one of the most favorite professions for young people around the world.

The sentence is not without reason, because for some time I have been in this field of Internet business, I have found many advantages that it has compared to any form of conventional business. I feel, its advantages are far beyond all other conventional business models.

Here's a list of the advantages of having a business selling information on the Internet:

1. The capital you need is very small. Relatively small compared to any conventional business.

2. You don't need expensive inventory, just an Internet-connected computer, a desk, chair, and a notebook. With the computer you have now, with a few basic applications, you can run this business.

3. Your market is waiting out there. You just have to look for them and make information products that answer their needs.

4. Information products are easy to produce and reproduce. No matter how much you want to duplicate this product, it can be done in seconds.

5. Net profit reached 100%. You don't need to pay for production, delivery of products or paying employees. All income value is your profit.

6. Delivery of products to consumers as fast as lightning. It doesn't take days to wait for delivery.

7. Much less uptime. You don't have to spend 8 hours in a day if you don't like it. Just use 1-2 hours per day to take care of this business.

8. New ideas come and go. Once you have launched your first information product, you can move on to the next information product.

9. Information products generate endless profits. With the help of the Internet and resellers, you can grow this business so that it brings endless profits.

10. Your business can run automatically. From doing marketing, until you have to send orders, almost everything can be done automatically.

11. You can operate it yourself. Since the entire system is set up to run automatically, your workload becomes less and less. That is, you can do this business without the need to recruit employees.

12. You are in complete control. You can control this business without bureaucratic interference and interference from others.

13. Can be operated from anywhere. Wherever you are, all you need is Internet access to run your business.

14. No need for a big office. Most of the tools and systems are already embedded in the Internet. You only need a makeshift room to run a business.

15. You can run it anytime. If you have to 'force labor' during the day, you can run this business at night.

16. Free from licensing bureaucracy. You can immediately concentrate on the product and how to market it. Forget the bureaucracy that will only bother you.

17. Free from political climate. No matter what the current political conditions are, you can run this business without a hitch.

18. Free from weather and traffic conditions. Traffic jams usually interfere with conventional businesses, but not for this business model.

Wow… actually I could write a lot more. But I'm afraid you'll think this is far-fetched. So the 18 points above are enough.

Pay attention to one by one. If you are currently running a conventional business, or if you are currently trapped in a boring wheel of work, find out how many advantages over your conventional business or job!

There is one? Two? Four? Five? You will not find so many advantages in a business other than a business model like this. Guaranteed.

Before we start discussing the 3 main steps in making money automatically through the Internet, I want you to understand the eight main keys to running this business model. Please study the eight principles. Once you understand, your general description of the three-step automatic cash machine will be better.

8 Key Keys to Building a Business on the Internet

Now you are motivated enough to start building a business on the Internet. But I'm sure, you're still confused… how to start? Are there common keys that you must follow in order for your plan to start and build a business on the Internet to be successful?

Good question! there is… and there certainly is!

Before you learn what and how the Automatic Cash Machine System works, you must first understand and understand some of the basic keys in running a business on the Internet. Without adhering to these keys, you will find it difficult to earn from a business model like this.

Here you will find 8 key business building blocks that you must understand and follow. If you run an Internet business by referring to the following keys, then success will automatically visit you.

Key #1: Create Your One Product

In order for you to be successful in running an online business, you must have your own product. A product that you have the right to market and get 100% profit from it. Of all business foundations, product ownership is the first requirement that must be met.

Of course, you can own a product in several ways:

1. Design your own product from the ground up

2. Buy reprint rights to other people's products

After you develop a product that you offer as a main product, add it with some backup products to bring in layered income. The term is Back End Products. This type of product must support your main product. For example, if you sell airline tickets, your backup product could be car rentals or hotel accommodations.

Because of the importance of product ownership for your business, I will cover this material in a special chapter.

Key #2: Focus On The Most Desired Response From Your Website

What is your goal in creating a website? Very few webmasters ask themselves this important question.

What are you designing a website for? If you often browse the Internet, you will often see websites with different materials. With various shapes and layout patterns. From very simple designs to designs filled with stunning images and flash technology.

Since we are now talking about how to make money online, then naturally, the answer to the question “Why do you design a website?” is MONEY!

What is your goal in designing a website? To sell something! To make money!

If your goal in creating a website is to make money… then, what response do you most want (MOST WANTED RESPONSE - MWR) from visitors after they visit your website?

• They buy your product, or

• They leave contact details for follow-up

Those two. There is no other answer. You don't need a response from visitors who are amazed by the sophistication of your web design, interestingly your flash design...

I'm sure other webmasters have the same MWR too. They want visitors to make purchases or leave contact details. But mostly, I see webmasters implementing the MWR in the wrong way. They create a website with various links jumbled up in it. And even worse, they design websites by displaying flash technology just to get the admiration of visitors.

If you want to make money selling something on your website, focus on your MWR. Complicated flash, images that fill your website, links scattered around every corner of your website…. it all will divert the response from visitors.

For example, visit the website www.blogagc.com. My MWR is a visitor makes a purchase right away, or a visitor leaves their email address for the next follow-up.

Have you seen anything that shouldn't be showing there? Flash for example? Excessive image? Or dozens of links that take visitors out? Observe how I design each text, link, and image in a way that leads the visitor to a purchase.

My main goal of designing websites is to make money. I will not make money giving flash. I will only make money if they buy my product. If they don't buy my product right away, I still have their contact details. I can follow up with them until they finally want to buy my product.

Same with you...

In order for them to buy your product (your MWR), then what you should really think about is how to get them to buy your product. Focus on your MWR. Design a powerful sales letter, showing the benefits they will receive if they have your product! Make a special offer that makes them want to leave their contact details for you. Next, follow them up until they want to buy your product.

Design a powerful sales letter and put it on your website. Give the necessary pictures, but don't overdo it. Images will not help your sales. Maybe you've heard, pictures represent 1000 words. But that's not the case in the world of marketing, especially on the Internet. They need benefits, and not pictures. Include only pictures that will increase their buying response!

Look at the BlogAGC.com website and you will see 4 pictures of accounts. In your opinion, do I display the image there for no reason? I'm sure, your response to our sales letter will be bigger with that picture!

Website with flash is complicated? It will only slow down the loading process. Your visitors will leave before your entire website looks perfect. Again, the benefits they need. And you can only show those benefits with words.

Flash will not make you rich, it will only slow down your web page loading process. Make visitors bored and irritated by the slowness. Also excessive images and designs… will blow visitors away before they even know what your website is all about. Too many links ... it will confuse visitors. Once they click on another link, you lose your chance of getting their attention.

So, before you design a website… determine:

1. What is your goal in designing a website?

2. What is the most desired response (MWR) of visitors?

3. Focus on your MWR!

If you can answer this important question, congratulations! Please continue to the next key…

Key #3: Use Direct Selling Principles

A good website is one that can SELL its products. If you want visitors to buy your product, then you have to SELL it to them. If you want them to include their name and email as a prospect list, you have to SELL by giving them a benefit.

Everyone has different reasons why they design a website. Just to learn, or to show off their abilities? That's their right. It's OK! But I… and everyone who has ever bought my product, WANT to design a website that SELL.

Your website must be able to sell, or you will go bankrupt!

If you have staff language professors, high-end programmers or excellent web designers… ask them, can they design a website that SELL?

If none of them can, then FIRE them before you waste even more time and money! You don't need standard languages, sophisticated programs, or exclusive designs to sell your products. And your visitors don't even care. The only thing that is on the visitor's mind when visiting your website is, "OK, what benefits can I take from this website?".

The most appropriate person to write a sales letter is yourself.

"But I'm not a writer!" maybe that's how you complain. But believe me, in a special discussion later, I will show you in detail how you can design a sales script quickly and with great value. Writing a product presentation script will become easier and more fun.

Get the reader's attention, tell them the benefits of your offer. Show them how other people like your product, and let them try your product freely, without risk. If you want to concentrate, sit down and start writing down the answers to the question “why do I need to buy your product?”… then the entire content of those answers is 90% of your sales letter material!

I can't fully explain the discussion about sales letters here, there will be a separate chapter that will discuss this issue. However, I will give some points of common mistakes that are often made by online sellers when they try to offer their products or services to others.

Direct selling mistake #1 – There is no headline

I often see websites that begin with “Welcome to our website!... blah blah blah…”. And frankly, websites like that make me sick.

And worse, most of these websites do not display the headline or main topic clearly.

The very first thing people should see when visiting your website is not your photo, nor is it a flash presentation image. No matter how good the flash is! What your visitors need is a headline. The main topic of your website. Place the headline at the very top of your web page, and in a larger size than all subsequent content. Write the headline in the most readable format.

Headlines are advertisements for your website. He should be able to get explorers to stop their journey for a while and start reading the first sentence of your sales letter. Please compare with BlogAgc.com, you will understand what I mean.

If your headlines can't get them to stop on your website, then the rest of your website material will be of no use at all.

Direct Selling Mistake #2 – Not showing benefits

This is the basic key to writing a sales letter. Your website should include product features and benefits for potential customers. Product features are product descriptions and explanations. Benefits are what the product's features can do for their lives.

You should always combine the two things, features and benefits. If the product you are offering is a luxury car, the features are all the sophisticated equipment that is in the car. While the benefits are higher security, increased status, savings due to the durability of the car when they use it.

In other words, everything you do with your website is to bring out the emotional and logical side of the customer. People buy based on their emotions, then judge their decisions based on logic.

Just think about Mercedes. People buy Mercedes because they think how deep the feelings they will experience…. Because Mercedes is a symbol of status power. If you ask, why did they buy a Mercedes, then the logic will appear, namely because Mercedes is tough and comfortable on the road. It's a mix of emotion and logic.

Visit my website. Print the sales letter. Pay special attention to the points of benefit that I wrote. And for the most part, you'll see how I combine features and benefits.

Direct Selling Mistake #3 – Lack of personality

Don't even write your own website with "WE". I'm sure you mean humbling, but don't do it in marketing.

Don't make it sound like you're a big company when in fact it's your personal business. That's a big mistake.

It doesn't matter if you speak for your company. But if the information on the website is yours personally, don't use the word “we”!

I don't care how you rate it, but absolutely, if you're selling something, you have to sell yourself too.

Your website was written by someone, namely you. It would even be great if you included your photo. Sign the website as if it were similar to your real signature. But do not show your real signature so as not to be imitated.

Tell me who you are, like I did on the website. Speak to customers as YOU. Write a sales letter material just like you would write a letter to a friend when offering a product.

Be friendly. Be approachable. Your website does not appear from your company. He appeared and was born of you. You stand behind your product warranty. You stand behind your promises. So always show them who you are… and why they should trust you.

Direct Selling Mistake #4 – There is no word of customer satisfaction

Everyone wants to know what kind of results customers have had long after they bought your product or service. So use testimonials (words of satisfaction) from your customers.

The more words of satisfaction you have, the better sales you will generate.

Display a sentence of satisfaction that is specific to a certain part of your product. Real benefits for them. Show the person's name and address. If you are on the Internet, display the email address or website.

Even better, if you show photos of satisfied customers with your product.

Direct Selling Mistake #5 – No warranty

Buying anything is risky. Especially if we buy from the Internet. You buy an invisible product and maybe you don't really know the person selling the product.

Take the risk of them (your customers) as much as possible. Offer them a warranty for as long as possible… 90 days, 180 days, one year and so on. If for any reason they try your product and don't like it, they have the right to ask for their money back.

Key #4: Build a Mailing List and Publish an Ezine

Building a mailing list is vital for your business. A mailing list is a list of your prospects. Ask any successful webmaster what their most valuable asset is. Their answer is not the product. Not because of the location. And neither are their computers.

The most valuable asset for them is a list of prospects, an email list.

Your prospect email list is the same as your business. If you don't have an email list of prospects, you don't have a business on the Internet.

Mailing lists should be your main goal apart from generating sales. If your website focuses on selling products, then never forget to capture the contact data of every visitor who hasn't decided to buy your product. This can be done by offering certain free information or products.

In return, they leave contact details for you.

If you have new info, contact them. If you have a special offer, contact them. If there is a new update about your product, contact them. Once you have a list of prospects, then you will have no trouble doing marketing efforts to them.

One way that is highly recommended is to publish an ezine on a regular basis. An ezine is specific information about your product material, with the aim of educating and maintaining a relationship with prospects.

By publishing an ezine, you will not only maintain relationships but will also build confidence in prospects. Once you earn their trust, it is very easy for you to generate sales.

Key #5: Develop Your Website's Uniqueness

What makes your website unique?

Why should they buy from you? why not from your competitors?

If you can't answer the question, then I guarantee the visitors won't know the answer. And if there's not a strong enough reason for them to do business with you compared to others, then you're missing out on them.

What makes you better than others?

What additional benefits do they ONLY get from you?

The following are some examples that can shape your uniqueness. It is not absolute and you are not required to fulfill all of it. Just pick a few that are most likely for your business.

Uniqueness #1 – Lower price

Having a lower price will streamline your unit profit, but will increase sales volume.

If you have a grocery store, and next to you a new grocery supermarket is built at a cheaper price, then you can be sure your business will go bankrupt.

Uniqueness #2 – Better Quality

You can focus on developing high-quality products and marketing them to the right target.

For example, mercedes has a much more expensive price than toyota. But he still generates a high level of sales because Mercedes is very focused on the quality of its production.

You can imitate this model for your product. Instead of competing with cheaper prices, be more expensive. Focus on delivering quality products that are above the average of your competitors. Think value, not price for this kind of product model. Value and price are two very different things.

Uniqueness #3 – Longer warranty and warranty period

Forget the 30 day warranty, and start showing the warranty period that proves how good your product is. Guarantee your product for 90 days, 180 days, 365 days, three years, or even forever. If other competitors only dare to give a 30 day warranty, then your one year warranty will win the competition.

You can develop market dominance by providing better warranties and guarantees than anyone else. Show your customers that you are brave and ready to stand behind your product. Do it when other competitions don't dare to do it.

Uniqueness #4 – Better educational value

What I mean here is not your bachelor's degree. I personally never value titles too much. Sometimes in business, I don't put my ST degree in it. And I don't respect people based on their titles, but on their ability to provide real educational value to the environment around them.

And this is what I mean. Give the best educational value of the product to your prospects. Then, continue that education process for your customers and show them how to get the most value out of your product or service.

I sell information on how to build a business on the Internet. You find out what factors contribute to business success in this area. But apart from that, I also show you the details, how, the best steps that need to be done until you can make money from it.

Uniqueness #5 – More valuable bonus

If you can provide a higher value for every dollar spent by customers, then they will prefer to buy from you than your competitors.

Include a free bonus in every main product you sell. It doesn't have to be a product of your own creation. You can use other people's products as a bonus, provided you have permission to do so.

Uniqueness #6 – Customer service

Many companies are desperately trying to win the hearts of prospects. But once prospects become buyers, they don't serve customers well.

Take advantage of the opportunity to win the hearts of prospects! You can do this by seriously serving them, as well as possible. Place prospects and customers at the top. Hire one special person to serve customers well and quickly.

Uniqueness #7 – More choices

This is the hallmark of Amazon. It is the largest bookstore in the world. Where, usually other big bookstores are only able to provide maximum

60,000 book titles. But Amazon, provides all kinds of books ever published in the world. The number… millions!!

If other companies can only display 3-4 colors with 3 different models, then your company can display 27 colors and 15 different models. The advantages of a concept like this you can use on the web.

Uniqueness #8 – Specific Market

Instead of running a website for all businesses, you can focus on running a business only for consultants, automotive lovers, real estate agents or others. In other words, concentrate your market and specialize in a particular area.

This will not only make your business unique, but also make it more valuable to the audience. You will understand their problems better than other competitors.

Uniqueness #9 – Faster service

We live in an instant era. Everyone wants fast service. If your customer currently places an order, make delivery today. You should never say, that your product will reach the hands of consumers next week. You will definitely be abandoned by them.

If you can provide faster service than other competitors, then your business will be preferred. They will trust you more and this is very influential on the success of your business.

Key #6: Design a Reseller Program For Your Business

Have you ever imagined having a salesperson who will promote your service or product endlessly? What's even greater is that all of your salespeople join voluntarily and every one of them enthusiastically introduces your product to others.

Could something like this be experienced by your business?

If you run a conventional business, this is very difficult to happen. Unless you have big funds to recruit salespeople. Conduct training for them and then monitor their sales results. Hassle!

What about online business? Is it possible?

If I answer the question with "maybe", it doesn't seem right. I prefer to answer "MUST!". I highly recommend that once you are ready with your business, recruit as many salespeople as possible for your product. Design a reseller program. Otherwise known as an affiliate program.

What is meant by a reseller program is a form of cooperation in which we as business owners recruit salespeople. They do not need to prepare a website, serve purchases and so on, because you have prepared everything.

Their job is just to bring as many visitors to your website as possible. And every sale generated on their recommendation, then they are entitled to a commission from you.

When I first sold products on the Internet, I was a single fighter. I only rely on my own energy, time and mind to promote. If one day I diligently promote, maybe that day I will get a pretty decent income. But if I stop promoting once, my income will also stop.

Since I implemented the reseller program on BlogAgc.com, the income seems to come naturally. It doesn't matter whether I actively participate in promotions or not, there is always money in my account.

Constant, until the next month and year. As I write this book, I have over 3000 salespeople who are happy to introduce this product to as many people as possible.

At BlogAgc.com, I give 50% commission for every successful reseller who recommends this product to new consumers. Fair enough right?

For example, please access http://www.google.com, and type “business formula” or “Business Formula”. You will find search results that are almost entirely a list of salespeople for the BlogAgc.com reseller program. and that's only part of it!

You can imagine, it doesn't matter whether I'm sleeping, eating, or on vacation, thousands of my salespeople will volunteer. Do you think it's too much for me to make a statement, "I earn half a million rupiah per day without working much!"...?

This key is very important for you to apply. If you don't want to have trouble making money from the Internet, if you want to double the number of visitors in a short time… or if you want to blow up your business much faster than any conventional business… there is one suggestion I have, create a reseller program for your business. There is no more powerful way to make money than running a reseller program.

Can't not!

Because of the importance of this material, a detailed description of the reseller program, especially how to set up your reseller script will be found in the next chapter.

Key #7: Run Collaboration Projects With Other Webmasters

Believe it or not, none of today's successful webmasters can succeed solely from their own efforts. They are also looking for help to build their business.

One of the keys to a successful business on the Internet is regularly participating in collaborative projects with other webmasters. Foreign term: joint venture. That is, a project where you combine your assets (customers, advertising, products, services, knowledge, expertise, traffic, etc.) with other webmasters who have similar but not competitive prospects.

For example: perhaps your strength is being able to produce high-quality e-books to sell online. But you have very few prospects. On the other hand, you know someone who has managed a mailing list for his or her weekly ezine. There are many members of the mailing list. He needed a product to sell, but didn't have the time to design it. This is where the collaborative project takes place. You combine your assets (products) with their assets (prospects) so that they can bring mutual benefits. You provide the product, he sells it, and you both make 50% of the profit each. This will not happen if you work alone.

In the world of Internet business, there are thousands of collaborative project ideas, so it's impossible to cover all of them in this e-book. But what you need to remember is, do collaborative projects with other people. You will get more benefit from this kind of marketing partnership model.

Key #8: Automate Your Business

If you understand the keys 1 to 7, now is the time to run all the keys automatically. But make no mistake, even if the entire system will run automatically, you will still need work. The automation system is only to help your main job, which is building a business.

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to follow up to thousands of prospects every day if you did it all manually by yourself? Surely you will never be able to finish it.

What if every midnight buying process failed to happen just because you fell asleep? How do you monitor reseller sales results and give them a commission if you do it manually? Your office will definitely be full of paperwork, and a mess!

Every successful online business uses an automated system in it. An automated system for generating new leads, an automatic system for continuous follow-up, an automated system for serving orders, deliveries, and so on. You also need to automate monitoring of reseller activities, monitor their traffic, sales results and share commissions. Everything should be automatic. The best part about doing business on the Internet is: you can run most aspects of your business automatically!

Automate your business! And that's what this e-book is for! You'll find out in more detail how you can build and automate your business. How can you have your own automatic cash machine. It doesn't matter whether you are currently eating, sleeping or on vacation, this automated system will carry out most of your tasks.

From getting leads, to money flowing into your account, most of the work is automated for you. Find out in the rest of the discussion that follows.

Interesting isn't it?

In the next discussion, we will discuss 3 practical steps to build a business on the Internet based on the 8 keys that I have outlined here.

Concentrate, because your learning process will be more exciting!

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