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Reasons Why do you need to have a blog?

Why do you need to have a blog?

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As an internet marketer, you MUST HAVE a BLOG. You must be asking WHY? Here I mention some of the reasons:

1. Expand your association. An internet marketer must be flexible and easy to get along with. By having a blog, you will find it easier to find new acquaintances. The more acquaintances or friends, the smoother your business will be.

2. Show your business exists. Today, consumers who intend to find a product, just type in the search engine. If your business/product/service appears, this at least shows that your business really exists. By having a blog, the opportunity is wide open. So the opportunity to embrace new consumers is also greater.

3. Increase traffic. The more channels you use to show the existence of your product, the greater the flow of traffic that leads to your product website. So the opportunity to generate sales is also greater. Having a blog means increasing the flow of traffic.

4. Communicate directly with your customers. By having a blog you can communicate directly with your customers or potential customers. Blogs are an appropriate, fast, and economical means of communication to establish relationships with consumers.

5. Build your product brand. Through blogs, one of your product brands is built. What kind of blog you create affects your product brand. By having a blog, it also shows you are serious about continuing to develop your product.

6. Leverage competitive advantage. By having a blog, you can tell over and over again about the advantages of your product. Things like that are very difficult for you to do only through your sales website. By telling it over and over again, it will be very profitable to stick the advantages of your product in the minds of consumers.

7. Build personal relationships with consumers. Personal touch to consumers today is increasingly playing an important role in maintaining consumer loyalty. This function can be played well by the blog. So that in the long term, your product will be more trusted and become a market leader.

8. Become a powerful public relations. Blogs can be a powerful product public relations tool. By answering various questions or criticism of the product, making your internet business avoid bankruptcy.

9. Build your reputation. Blogs that you continue to update will help boost your reputation in cyberspace. Through your posts, your profession as an internet marketer will be widely recognized by blog visitors.

10. Increase income. By having a blog, besides having the opportunity to flow traffic, you also have the opportunity to make a profit through advertising. If your blog is crowded, many do not hesitate to advertise on your blog.

The few advantages of having a blog above I think are enough to make you excited to create a blog. What are you waiting for? Let's start a blog right away! 


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