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what is a blog and what is it used for?

Introduction to Blog

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The presence of blogs again makes the internet world squirm. Millions of people are passionate about creating blogs and sharing their information. Everyone can get to know each other, exchange information, and exchange opinions. Interactivity is the magic word in the outbreak of blogs. That's why it's not surprising that the development of blogs is so fast. That said, every day 80,000 new blogs appear with various themes. And now the total blog has reached tens of millions of pieces.

The emergence of this blog really has an impact on the culture of writing and sharing knowledge. Knowledge or information that was once only owned by themselves can be spread easily from and to everyone.

Of the many benefits of blogs that have been felt by human civilization, this discussion of blogs in SMUO products is specifically intended to encourage your business. That is, your business can go faster by using a blog.

How to? Be patient. Read first to finish. If it's still not clear, you can ask at www.blogagc.com.

About Blog

The term weblog or commonly called a blog these days is very easy for us to hear. Many people call themselves bloggers. But do you know what a blog actually is?

In simple terms, a blog is a type of website that is usually arranged in chronological order. The most recent post is displayed at the top and then continues with the next posts.

Most of them are about personal thoughts. And now it has been further developed into various fields. Even more specific to certain themes. Like there are marketing blogs, political blogs, photo blogs, food blogs, and others

The activity of updating a blog is called blogging. And the culprit is what is called a blogger. Articles that are written are called posts or entries. Usually blogs are written by one person on a regular basis.

Blogs usually also have several features such as:

- Archive. Usually on the front page and located to the right of the screen. Sometimes there is also a list of recent entries (recent entries), links to other websites. There is also a writing category on our blog.

- Comment. Not all blogs are willing to provide a place for comments. But you should provide a comment field. Because one


the strength of the blog is in this feature. Interaction and communication with readers is built there. Usually where the comments are at the bottom of the post. You can comment after previously filling in your name, email, and website address (not necessary).

Lately, the comments column has become more and more important. Because interesting or not your post can be seen there. The more people who comment, your post must be very useful for visitors. On the other hand, if not, maybe your post doesn't suit the tastes of visitors. So, you must dare to explore and re-evaluate the things that you will post. 


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